Contrary to the opinion of some people, the Bible has great relevance in today’s world. I have discovered a virtual gold mine of guidance, instruction, and encouragement for those who would turn to God’s Word in times of unemployment. Like gold, however, the nuggets are seldom found on the surface; they must be discovered through some effort.

They are found embedded in the principles governing God’s kingdom that are scattered throughout the Bible. These principles will not only teach us how we should live, but also how we can make a living. As neighbors, friends, counselors, or family members of people who become unemployed, what will be our response? What does the Bible say that can provide a word of encouragement or guidance to speak into the life of an unemployed person? Does the Bible have anything to say that is relevant? These types of questions led me on a search that has lasted more than three decades. I am happy to report that God’s Word has a great deal to say on the subject.

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Wayne worked for the Canadian government in its human resources department for a span of thirty years, helping the unemployed to find work, and
helping employers to locate suitable workers. While he made his living as a manager, his favorite pastime was teaching Sunday school, and leading
many home Bible studies.

While teaching evening courses on Creative Job Search Techniques for his department, Wayne began dreaming of conducting a series of Bible centered job clubs through his church. Thus began a search of the Bible for passages that could bring hope and understanding to unemployed persons.

Over the years, Wayne has shared his notes with a good number of unemployed persons, and received encouragement from many to publish them. And so, here they are.
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